The Art & Science of Meditation by Dr Newton & Chitra Jha

Meditation is the art of bringing delight into life. Delight comes from Light. Light comes only from Meditation. Meditation gives Success, Efficiency, Fulfillment, Vigor, Peace, Harmony, Love and Joy in life. Where there is no Meditation there is no Light. Where there is no Light, there is Sorrow, Misery, Tragedy, Pain, Suffering, Dissatisfaction, Disharmony and Incompetence in life. Meditation is the Alpha and the Omega of Spiritual Science. We are energy beings. Meditation is the Science of Energy Maximization. ‘The Art & Science of Meditation’ is the first book in the 'Awakening Wisdom series’ of 21 Books from Life Foundation. ‘The Art & Science of Meditation’ tells you all you need to know about Meditation and enables you to transform your life.


The Science of Past Life Regression Book

Reincarnation is one of the greatest mysteries in the universe. The validity of reincarnation has been widely accepted in most cultures, religions and spiritual traditions of the world since ancient times. The technique of Past-Life-Regression was originally born out of scientific explorations to unearth the mysteries of reincarnation. Since then it has evolved from a technique to a complete science and today there exist many fields of specializing within the science of Past-Life Regression. In this book, Dr.Newton Kondaveti, one of the world’s leading experts on Reincarnation and Past-Life-Regression, takes you on an amazing journey to explore the dimensions of reality that form the basis of not only reincarnation, but also the origin and creation of the universe itself. Delving deep into the wealth of his own metaphysical experiences as well as the experiences of thousands of his clients, he brings to light the importance of Past Life Regression and shows that it is a powerful tool that can transform the world. Endorsements for 'The Science of Past Life Regression'.


The Science of Past Life Regression Book

Consciousness Heals takes us on a voyage to the very beginning, where consciousness is the fundamental source of all creation. It then goes on to trace the origins of illness, and shows us that:

  • Our Consciousness is expressed through Body, Mind, and Soul.
  • When Body, Mind and Soul are fully aligned, we are plugged in to an immense source of power with limitless potential. This is our natural state, a state of ‘ease’, which leads to perfect health.
  • When Body, Mind, and Soul are not fully aligned, we have only limited access to our power and potential. This is a state of 'dis-ease', which leads to illness.

Consciousness Heals is a result of Dr. Newton’s profound metaphysical experiences and visions that led him to discover that memories, impressions, feelings, beliefs and frozen energies are stored in the body as 'cellular memory', which determines our state of health. Consciousness Heals gives us powerful insights and practical tools that help us to unlock and release the frozen energies that are responsible for illness, thereby enabling us to regain the state of perfect health - in Body, Mind and Soul. Consciousness Heals is born from the sincere desire to restore the state of perfect health. Consciousness Heals connects us to the tremendous healing potential of our own consciousness.

Divya Jeevana Baandhavyaalu

This is a Telugu book on Relationships by Dr. Newton Kondaveti, M.D. & Dr. Lakshmi G.V., M.B.B.S.

Dhyana Saastram

This is the Telugu version of the book, The Art and Science of Meditation by Dr. Newton Kondaveti, M.D. & Chitra Jha.

Poorva Janma Pratigamanam

Telugu version for The Science of Past Life Regression authored by Dr. Newton Kondaveti, M.D. & Dr. Lakshmi G.V., M.B.B.S.

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